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"Musically this show couldn’t be faulted. The band transformed relatively simple pieces of blues, pop and rock and roll into musical showcases. I wondered if the Sun singers back then had musicians of this calibre."
"Damon Smith on piano is a blues/boogie virtuoso, and Trent McKenzie is a treat to watch plucking away on his double bass" 
Michael Coghlan
"David Cosma is keen you get the story right, presenting Phillips and his stable of stars story chronologically, and introducing the songs with a wealth of appreciated information. Helping David with his dream is the fabulous Damon Smith. Smith rips the ivory off the 88s with terrifying slides, yet tickles his way through solos - he is both slap and tickle. His gravelly voice was absolutely spot on for Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison."
"Melbourne band Sun Rising is rocking with an utter belter of a show. The Songs that Made Memphis is an exuberant, potent homage to the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll that has the audience jiving beyond the exit."
"Sun Rising cleverly pays homage to these great performers but never tries to impersonate them. Instead, the members allow the music, songs and Sun’s rockabilly sound to all work together in rocking, electrifying harmony."
Stephen Davenport.

“Sun Rising provides a great night of entertainment and is an extremely fun and highly recommended show!”

“Damon Smith, (Jerry Lee Lewis) embodies the artist’s energy and vigour.”
Paul Bonadio, Tonedeaf.
“Most cats in the house dance and bop as if they’re at a “high school hop” throughout the night and there’s a standing ovation from the seated crew.”
Bryget Chrisfield. The
“A night of stella edutainment!”
“This five-piece band was energetic, funny, pitch-perfect and undeniably dedicated to this particular era in Rock'n'Roll.”
“Sun Rising rolled through the eras of Sun Records and touched on some of the greatest names from the time, like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. This is a band that doesn't just like the songs of Sun Records and Memphis; this is a band that lives and breathes it.”
Yolanda Schefe
“This was a show packed full of energy and passion, the set list was out of this world, on stage banter was hilarious. It was brilliant.”

Beat Magazine.


“The crowd was jubilant- moving, laughing, swing dancing and singing the entire show and one rather enthusiastic punter put it better than anyone as she screamed out in joy, “THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST NIGHT EVER!”

Tess Armstrong, ABC Radio.

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