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Damon Smith sat at a grand piano, exhibits his effortless ability
- Milly Farmer


"Damon is a better than competent producer & accomplished multi-instrumentalist. His track record of successful touring productions, is impressive and well documented" – Wilbur Wilde.

A multiple award winning Musician, producer and filmmaker, Damon Smith's performances are punctuated with expert musicianship and a razor sharp wit, giving him a dynamic stage presence.


His most recent original release, Skeletons, (June - 2022) received radio play on over 50 stations Australia-wide and debuted at #2 on the Blues and Roots Charts and was nominated for The Music Victoria Award in 2022 and won the Melbourne Blues Society’s, Chris Wilson Award. 

Creative across various disciplines, his work has been featured in films, television, radio and podcasts and in 2021, was featured in ABC TV’s program, Re-Frame, with his debut, multi- award winning, documentary film, ‘Mental As Everything’ which is now currently streaming on SBS demand.



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“his full-bodied croon pairs the silken wryness of Elvis Costello and the gravel of Bob Dylan.
Ruth McIver, The Age


"His Full-bodied croon pairs the silken wryness of Elvis Costello and the gravel of Bob Dylan” - The Age


When not fronting Sun Rising, Melbourne based singer-songwriter David Cosma delivers his original music with sumptuous melodies, harmonies and thought provoking lyrics, guaranteeing an impassioned listening experience and live performance. He’s toured and supported Russell Morris, Brian Cadd and Mark Seymour to name a few. 


During Covid’s ‘lockdowns’, he launched the "EJ Isolation Sessions", live-streaming performances from the backseat of his 1963 Holden, which has attracted an audience of over 30,000 fans. His unique self taught method of playing right hand-strung guitars in a left-handed manner compliments his rich and luminous songwriting, which consists of several albums. 





“Trent McKenzie is a treat to watch plucking away on his double bass.”


“Trent McKenzie is a treat to watch plucking away on his double bass.” - THE CLOTHESLINE.COM


Trent McKenzie’s professional bass playing began in 2000 when he was employed as the bass player on Channel 7’s ‘Denise’ program. This opportunity allowed him to perform and tour with a number of Australian and international stars such as the Drifters, Charlie Pride, Al Jarreau, Larry Adler, Normie Rowe and Frankie J Holden.   


Trent has toured Australia with everything from Elvis and Johnny Cash impersonators, The Rat Pack and Grease show incarnations and a number of original bands which has seen him play Australia's  finest music festivals alongside Aussie icons such as Mick Thomas, Mojo Juju and Neil Murray. Trent has received numerous awards and accolades for recordings with such artists as Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel, Abbie Cardwell and the Chicano Rockers, Tracy McNeil and the Good Life. 


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“Adam Coad is a smiling, snazzy drummer”


Adam Coad.

Adam Coad is an incredibly versatile musician, composer, performer and educator who has played alongside an incredible list of musicians including, Bill McDonald (Paul Kelly), Graham Lee (The Triffids) Shane O’Mara (Rebecca’s Empire, Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers) Mark Ferrie (The Models) as well as supporting iconic Australian artists/bands including, Bernard Fanning, Mama Kin, Boy and Bear, the Whitlams, the Audreys and Diana Anaid.

His ability to play across a diverse range of styles and as a multi-instrumentalist, has seen him perform with famous Ethiopian singers Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete as well as performing with the critically acclaimed comedy cabaret show, Mental As Everything with fellow Sun Rising member, Damon Smith. 

Adam is currently in the final stages of mixing the second album for his original project - Snowy Buskins.


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“exceptionally talented”


“Adrian Whyte Is exceptionally talented” - STORIES WELL TOLD.COM.AU


Adrian Whyte is one of the hardest working and versatile guitar players in Melbourne. Stylistically speaking, it’s easy to see how his virtuosity has been shaped, more-so inspired, by some of his favourite guitarists including Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery and Scotty Moore. 


As a music educator, Whyte is also a prolific YouTube content creator and has grown a worldwide audience by teaching his beloved styles of guitar styles: Rockabilly and Psychbobilly, which allows him to continue to develop and share his craft. His Youtube channel has amassed 10,000 followers, a testament to his high quality videos and highly skilled performances and adds to an already, commendable list of achievements


Adrian is also an original songwriter and has written and performed in bands including, Manic Pistoleros and The Vaudevillains. He has supported Psychbobilly giants, Tiger Army, Nekromantix and Mad Sin and has released several records.




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"A prodigious talent”
the advertiser


With a magnificent voice and a dazzling stage presence, Lisa Marmur captivates her audiences with world class performances and beautiful songs.


At 21 years of age, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona and joined a community of musicians and artists where she sharpened her skills and toured extensively at myriad clubs and festivals across the USA. Lisa also supported many popular artists including opening for the Foo Fighters and Joey McIntyre (NKOTB)


Since her return to Australia, Lisa has recorded her own music, performed in several bands and is a published writer. She holds a bachelor of Arts (a major in Literary Studies/a minor in Theatre and Performance) and is currently applying her passion for storytelling and scriptwriting, to explore and represent diverse human experiences.  



TSTMM, was the brain child of good friends, Damon Smith and David Cosma and was written after numerous passionate conversations about the studio and the need for someone to perform the music, as authentically as possible, to the thousands of fans of Sun Records, and the era in which it was born. 


The Songs That Made Memphis takes famous tales and often hilarious anecdotes from Sun Records artists, and its creator, Sam Phillips. The narrative and music combination is designed to inform and educate the audience while rocking them senseless and it's this amalgamation of good humour, excellent musicality and great story telling that makes for a world class production and a wonderfully entertaining audience experience. 



"David Cosma is keen you get the story right, presenting Phillips and his stable of stars story chronologically, and introducing the songs with a wealth of appreciated information. Helping David with his dream is the fabulous Damon Smith. Smith rips the ivory off the 88s with terrifying slides, yet tickles his way through solos - he is both slap and tickle."


Sun Rising walks the audience through a chronological tour of Memphis’ famed Sun Records, focusing on the early period of 1950-57 and touching on artists including Ike Turner, Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis & more, and for six years, SR have performed sell out shows all around Australia and have amassed a huge fan base and received glowing reviews.


"Melbourne band Sun Rising is rocking with an utter belter of a show. The Songs that Made Memphis is an exuberant, potent homage to the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll that has the audience jiving beyond the exit."




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